HeartBeat Northland

HeartBeat Northland is a public/private partnership, led by the Northland Chapter, to save lives through early defibrillation, training in CPR/AED, and public education about Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Helping Ordinary People Save Lives


Almost anyone can use an AED to save a life because the device is so user-friendly. After an SCA, the device will analyze a victim’s condition and, if necessary, deliver an electrical shock to the heart to reverse sudden cardiac arrest. Easy operation with clear voice prompts and automatic analysis enables you to use safely the device with minimal or no training.

Our Goal

  • 2000 new students learn CPR
  • 2000 new students learn AED Skills
  • 200 AED's placed in public buildings
  • Within the next 2 years



Bob King SCA

“My family couldn't believe that this happened, my heart attack. I was gone and I was lucky to come back and share the rest of my life with them...”

  • Rick's Story



“I ran my two or three miles, was in the locker room, and I passed out. There's five UMD students that saved my life, two of them gave me CPR and then two were setting up the defibrillator...”

  • Ed's Story


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